Industry Partners Program

Industry Partners Program

 Center for Distributed Energy (CDE)

CDE Vision: Transforming Electricity Delivery and Utilization

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

About CDE:

The Center for Distributed Energy (CDE) has been established at Georgia Tech with financial support from the Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech to do advanced research and to develop technologies and holistic solutions that can transform electricity delivery and utilization. Research areas include power conversion, industrial applications, energy conservation, distributed energy resources, distributed control of the grid, security and communications in energy, as well as microgrids, dc nanogrids and energy access for emerging markets.  CDE partners include utilities, industry, manufacturers, research organizations, start-ups, VCs and other academic institutions with interests in aligned areas. In addition to doing traditional forward-looking cutting-edge academic research, CDE is uniquely focused on accelerating and de-risking technologies so that they can see faster adoption and higher impact.

CDE uses an interdisciplinary approach, including core power technologies, controls, communications, cyber-security, data management, analytics, economics and policies to find pragmatic solutions that can potentially be commercialized. Deep interaction with industry helps understand their needs and helps develop solutions that can be effectively used.

The CDE Industry Partnership Program (CDE-IPP) has been established to enable and facilitate this synergistic collaboration. 

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